Debra Franses Bean

Debra's sculptures are kitsch resin handbags with all manner of items encased within them - lipsticks, handguns, Dollar bills, My Little Ponies, pocket watches, or rusted keys - presenting the viewer with a parody of commercial designer desirables through hyper-real emulation.

Debra explores ideas centered on consumption and mass production, acknowledging the complex relationship that we have with material objects as consumable goods – our penchant to consume is denigrated by the ensuing guilt and anxiety that tends to follow. These handbags are commodities in and of themselves. In as much as these works are a nod to pop art, they also allude to the digital age, as the very process by which the contents of these resin handbags are acquired is through online shopping and social networking.


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Debra is available to work to commission, for enquiries please contact us .

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