Fran Giffard

Fran Giffard paints colourful and bold birds over her personal Moleskine diary pages. Inspired by ornithological natural illustrations, Giffard uses watercolour, ink, gouache, and pencil to depict beautiful, poised, and characterful birds in her unique style. The diary entries detailing her day-to-day life serve as an interesting and informal background to her paintings. Giffard paints species from all over the world, with particular attention to South America, Australia, and Europe.

Giffard studied Fine Art Drawing at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in 2010. Since then she has exhibited internationally, as well as throughout the UK. She has had a number of solo exhibitions, and her artwork is held in various private and public collections including that of Sir David Attenborough, The Duchy of Cornwall, The Imperial Healthcare Charity, Fidelity Investments Limited, Jardines Matheson, Masterworks Museum of Art, The Pensions Investment Corporation, and Moleskine.

Along with exhibiting internationally, Giffard has had artist residencies in Bermuda, and Reunion Island. She has been shortlisted for The Threadneedle Art Prize, BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year, and the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year.

  • Fran Giffard - A Family - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    A Family

  • Fran Giffard - A Heralding - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    A Heralding

  • Fran Giffard - American Goldfinch - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    American Goldfinch

  • Fran Giffard - Greater Flamingo - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Greater Flamingo

  • Fran Giffard - Peacock - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts


  • Fran Giffard - Violet Sabrewing - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Violet Sabrewing

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