Heidler & Heeps

Two independently successful photographers, Richard Heeps and Natasha Heidler have collaborated to make this beautifully mesmerising collection. A celebration of the vinyl record and analogue technology, which reflects the artists practice within photography.

Following on from the hugely successful ‘Vinyl Collection’, Heidler & Heeps have collaborated again, drawing from the childhood past time of stamp collecting. Their unique darkroom process, like an x-ray, reveals the detailed make-up of the stamp, which is not possible to see in the physical object. Nearly all take the appearance of a woven tapestry, intricate patterns and artworks from the 19th & 20th Century, are brought to life to be appreciated in the present day. With the practice of stamp collecting enjoyed by todays older generation when they were children, the exotic imagery takes you to a far-off land in a time when overseas travel was limited, the post marks make a physical connection with unknown people around the world.

The collection is a documentary of history, dated postmarks connect the images to a time unimaginable and with these artworks you can carry on the British Psyche of ‘collecting’ building your own Heidler & Heeps Stamp Collection, with the pieces that speak to you. Interestingly you will notice the imperfections and some of the writing and numbers in reverse and colours quite different to an actual stamp, in stamp collecting that is what makes a stamp valuable, small runs made with errors, but I’m sure you will agree that is what makes them even more intriguingly beautiful.

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