Lawrie Hutcheon

Lawrie Hutcheon’s beautiful and mesmerising artworks are all about colour. His lenticular circles constantly shift in form and change hue as you move past them - they are impossible to ignore.

Lawrie currently studies cognitive neuroscience and chooses his palette carefully based on the instinctive and learned responses we have to different colours. He says he is beginning to understand how the eye and the brain processes visual information so that we can understand our environment, and uses some of these principles to create the artworks. He is particularly focused on the many random, fleeting instants that invisibly connect moments, places and people together.

After a thirty year interest in ceramics, Lawrie changed creative direction and has returned to working in two dimensions. His work has moved from representational to abstraction, using simple geometric forms, such as concentric circles so that the viewer is more receptive to the colours and therefore experiences the art without the distraction of figurative forms.

Lawrie has exhibited at art fairs in London, New York and Bristol

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - All That We Feel - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    All That We Feel

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Mislaid Melodies - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Mislaid Melodies

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Uncertainty At Dawn - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Uncertainty At Dawn

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Spectrum Disorder - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Spectrum Disorder

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Halo I - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Halo I

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Parallel Latitudes - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Parallel Latitudes

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - Sun Dew - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Sun Dew

  • Lawrie Hutcheon - The Bell Beckons - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    The Bell Beckons

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