Natalie Goldstein

Natalie Goldstein is a remarkable photographer, having spent years in front of the camera as a model and as a result developed her own unique understanding of the profession, both technically and artistically.
Her eye is drawn to the aesthetics of the human form, beyond merely the body beautiful. Her work has been compared to Helmut Newton, as both artists portray the female form as monumentally powerful. Natalie also draws influence from Richard Avedon, whose portraits cross over from fashion photography into a fine art examination of character and personality, very much like Herb Ritts who was another inspiration in terms of composition and style.

  • Natalie Goldstein - Lips (Black & White) - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Lips (Black & White)

  • Natalie Goldstein - Lips (Warhol) - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

    Lips (Warhol)

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