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Welcome to Lindon

Adam Dant

2021 70 x 100 cm
Hand coloured lithograph on 300gsm Fabriano HP archival paper
70 x 100 cm
Edition of 10 plus 5 A/P's
Signed and dated by the artist
Free UK shipping on UK unframed prints
'Welcome to Lindon' - A Map of London as it might have been. How many times have we all conjured up the presence of that alternative version of the capital known as 'Lindon'?
A tiny, inadvertent slip on the keyboard from 'o' to 'i' can take us to a realm that's nearly the city of our daily trials, tribulations and toils amongst its towers, transport and terrain, but not quite. Familiar landmarks are suddenly replaced by bizarre quasi-counterfeits whereby not just the structures of our own age but edifices from centuries past become cuckoos in the Londoner's nest. It's as if either the conflagrations of the great fire and the blitz had never happened, or that a bizarre slippage has occurred to transport us sideways and into a strange counter-factual reality.
All of the architecture and infrastructure of 'Lindon' has emanated from the same drawing boards which fostered the familiar and much loved civic architecture of the capital.
Londoners might laugh at the audacity of 'The Charing Cross Helidrome' or 'The Thames Embankment Sunken Highway'. But are such ambitious caprices any worse or shortsighted than building an artificial mountain at Marble Arch, destroying masterpieces of English Victorian classicism such as The Coal Exchange? To widen a street which the same corporation only go and narrow again 50 years later. Or is it worse than ripping the insides out of countless characterful buildings to leave the ghosts of the capital's past hovering behind a facile mask that bears the smug grin of a generation who are so much smarter than their predecessors. 
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