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Jamie Eade

2022 62 x 43 cm framed size
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Unique original drawing in coloured pencils on arches 300gsm watercolour paper, signed with initials.

Framed in a black box frame with anti-reflective 70% UV glass.

Similar or variations of this composition can be commissioned or made to order.

“The Ticonderoga pencil, a popular tool of American schoolchildren since the days of the one‐room schoolhouse, is a direct descendant of the invention nobody seems to care about; Joseph Dixon's graphite writing stick. It took the Civil War and a half century of struggle by the inventor to convince the American people that the pencil was here to stay. As a 13‐year‐old in Marblehead, Mass. Dixon was the first American who saw the need for good inexpensive pencil. At the turn of, the 19th century, Americans who could write used goose‐quill pen dipped in pokeberry juice. The only pencils, were poor‐quality imports that cost an astounding 25 cents. At 23, Dixon was putting all his money into pencils, which he made of cedar slabs and graphite and clay. American failed to beat path to his door. It was not until the Civil War that pencils came into demand as soldiers found that quill pens and pokeberry juice were clumsy in the field. Recognizing in 1876 the errors of other people's ways, the company attached erasers to the pencils. Sixty years later the product was given the name of Ticonderoga, in honor of the New York State town where the Dixon Company has graphite mines.”

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