Adam Dant, 900 Years in 900 Stories, 2023, Hand tinted Lithograph, A Barts Heritage Commission, Edition of 90

TAG Fine Arts artist Adam Dant is at St Bartholomew's on Friday 24th March for the historic unveiling of his Barts Heritage Commission
"900 Years in 900 Stories". A joint collaboration with Barts Heritage, the charity responsible for the care and restoration for the historic buildings at the heart of Barts. TAG is delighted to offer a limited edition print of a preparatory drawing, sold in support of Barts Heritage and Sharing Historic Barts project.

Adam Dant's ambitious drawing "900 Years in 900 Stories" presents a modern day view of the hospital, populated with people and stories from the long history of Barts to the present day - material collected by the artist through research in the NHS Barts Health Archives, through interviews with Barts staff and via a special public appeal to the wider Barts community.

"Being asked by Barts Heritage to produce their special commemorative 900 anniversary artwork is a proper privilege. As an artist, I relish nothing more than a chance to nose around the city's more unusual archives, connecting the strange anecdotes of our forebears with who we are now and whats important to use today as a society." Adam Dant

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Adam Dant, Barts Commission, 900 Years in 900 Stories, Black Death 1349


Adam Dant, Barts Commission, 900 Years in 900 Stories, Alan Earl 1968


Adam Dant, Barts Commission, 900 Years in 900 Stories, Gilbertus Anglicus 13th Century