The hot-off-the-press print portfolio 'Ten Creatures of London Legend' consists of 10 Chiaroscuro Woodblock prints by celebrated draughtsman and printmaker Adam Dant. Each image is constructed in the manner of a medieval bestiary, and depicts legendary creatures of London lore, both ancient and modern.

These mystical creatures have been depicted in the environment they inhabit, either currently or previously, allowing viewers of the prints to tour the city of London and encounter the beasts in their 'natural' homes.

To coincide with the launch of these wonderful prints, the artist and TAG Fine Arts will be holding a lottery raffle, in the fashion of 18th century popular print promotion. You can now purchase one of 200 personalised woodcut lottery tickets here, giving you the opportunity to win a complete boxed set.

Adam Dant | 10 Creatures of London Legend | 10 Chiaroscuro woodcuts, title page and description | Edition of 40 | Signed and editioned by the artist | Image size 20.3 x 25.4 cm; Paper size 25.4 x 35.5 cm | All images can be viewed here.