Robin Duttson - Apple Blossom Graphic Impression 1 - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts

As part of this year’s London Design Festival, we will be presenting an exciting new exhibition of designed-focused artworks by artists in Broadgate, London, EC2A 2EW.

 The pieces are in a variety of mediums including printmaking, photography, and multimedia.  The exhibition is in association with Broadgate and will run from Saturday 16th - Sunday 24th September 2017 until January 2018.


The works will be on Levels 1 & 2 from artists including: Matt Colagiuri, Robin Duttson, Debra Franses-Bean, Alberto Fusco, Brett Goldstar, Natalie Goldstein, Vincent Poole, Michael Suchta and Cai Yuan.

Designed - Broadgate - Michael Suchta - Eye Charts - Courtesy of TAG Fine Arts and Brendan Bell 

Broadgate is at the centre of one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of London. It connects the creative communities of Spitalfields and Shoreditch with the City.


London Design Festival is a key consitituent of London’s Autumn creative season, alongside London Fashion Week, Frieze Art Fair and the London Film Festival.  It’s role is to celebrate and promote London as the world’s design capital and gateway to international design.


Robin Duttson | Apple Blossom Graphic Impression 1, 2017

7 colour silkscreen print | Edition of 7 | 87 x 87 cm