Here at TAG Fine Arts, as well as sharing our artists works, we like to share their process into producing such wonderful pieces.

Katsuotshi Yuasa makes traditional Japanese woodcut prints from photographs he has taken himself.  Each section of the photograph is hand carved into a wood block to reproduce the photograph he has taken.

                                         Katsutoshi Yuasa - Norway Photograph - courtesy of TAG Fine Arts.Katsutoshi Yuasa

For 'The Photograph is an Image', Yuasa photographed a tranquil cabin in the woods whilst visiting Norway, being inspired by Japanese packaging in which beautiful photographs are described as 'images'.  For this piece, Yuasa carved and printed with four separate wood blocks and 4 different polarized pigments.

You can view the video here:


Katsutoshi Yuasa | The Photograph is an Image, 2016 | 4 Woodcuts with 4 polarized colour pigments print on paper | Edition of 5