We've been busy behind the scenes working with our artists and have several new limited edition print releases.

Stephen Walter's much anticipated new cartographic prints detail London's Rail transport network and are available in two sizes at a SPECIAL LAUNCH price for a limited time.

Stephen’s stunning cartographic artworks were recently featured by art expert Jane Hay, International Managing Director of Christie’s Education. Read the full interview with Jane Hay.


Image of Stephen Walter's London Rail Stephen Walter | London Rail 2021 | 89.5 x 104 cm | SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE £995 | Archival Inkjet print on Paper | Edition of 50


London Rail, 2021, is a geographically accurate rail track map of London and joins a long list of altered London transport maps where the station names have been changed to fit a particular subject or concept. Many of the new station names on this map celebrate notable people associated with the area, both contemporary and historical. Those who were either born in the area or have previously lived in or currently reside there now.

This map comes in two versions - the large whole of London (London Rail, 2021), and a smaller central zones map called Inner London Rail, 2021. This shows the stations within zones 1, 2 and 3. It has been delicately edited and altered to an alternative scale to the whole map, and has a couple of different station names which makes it a stand alone piece in itself.


Image of Stephen Walter Inner London Rail, 2021 Stephen Walter | Inner London Rail, 2021 | 43 x 54 cm | SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE £495 | Archival Inkjet print on Paper | Edition of 50


Adam Dant's latest print release details the particular 'slang' of 'The City of Light', depicted in the form of a giant snail whose shell contains the outward spiralling arrondissements of Paris and all manner of generally filthy 'argot' concomitant with the proclivities of each.

Unlike 'the vulgar tongue' of its English equivalent this particular langue au gouttière is no such thing, afforded as it is the status of being worthy of respectful study by L'Academie. Thus, tourists using ' L'escARGOT Parissienne' will be assured a friendly reception from their 'Parisite' interlocutors.


Image of Adam Dant's Paris L'escArgo Adam Dant | Paris L'escArgot, 2021 | 56 x 76 cm | £660 | Hand-tinted print on 300 gsm Somerset satin paper | 56 x 76 cm | Edition of 10 + 5 A/P's


Introducing Justine Smith's BRAND NEW addition to her 'Money Map of the World' series, is the beautifully detailed Money Map of the World MMXX – MMXXI. We will be debuting this brand new print at AAF Battersea next week. You can still register for limited availability tickets at the weekend using our code TAGPV here.

Paper has always been a primary material in Justine Smith’s work. Through her collages, prints and sculptures, Smith examines our relationship to currency and coinage while also exploiting the physical beauty of the notes.


Image of Justine Smith's Money Map of the World MMXX – MMXXI, 2021 Justine Smith | Money Map of the World MMXX – MMXXI, 2021 | 101 x 153 cm | £2,000 | Archival inkjet print on Somerset satin 330gsm paper | Edition of 95 + 9AP's


We will also be exhibiting Tobias Till's BRAND NEW print which chronicles the hustle and bustle of New York city in his latest release New York Tall Stories. His works combine various viewpoints – from expansive aerial views to ground-level images – to convey the way the urban landscape changes as we walk through it. He wants to show off both the overall sense of a place, and the personal details that lie behind it.


Image of Tobias Till's New York Tall Stories, 2021 Tobias Till | New York Tall Stories, 2021 | Image Size 162cm x 104cm - Paper Size 170 x 112 cm | SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE £2,500 | 11 colour stencil and block print with aluminium leaf | Edition of 50


Watch the video to learn more about the creative process behind New York Tall Stories.



Adam Bridgland works highlight the underlying emotions of loss and nostalgia that tint our memories. His specially commissioned prints are based upon iconic images of cities like New York and London, the black and white background overlaid with colourful text declaring his maxim, "I Need This Wilderness For My Heart To Beat", with his new addition focusing on the seaside city of Brighton.


Image of Adam Bridgland | I Need This Wilderness For My Heart To Beat Adam Bridgland | I Need This Wilderness For My Heart To Beat (Brighton), 2020 | 75 x 55 cm | £250 | Screenprint, spray paint and pencil on Somerset Tub Sized 410 gsm paper | Edition of 75


Finally, recently released typographic print by David Spiller titled 'You Are My Sunshine’. The latest release from the Spiller estate is a vibrant typographic print incorporating a variety of text and colours. Each print is signed by his wife Moira and son Xavier and comes with a full certificate of authenticity.


David Spiller | You Are My Sunshine, 2021 | 61 x 60 cm | £800 | 28 colour silkscreen, printed on Somerset Satin 410gsm paper with hand-torn edges | Edition of 95