Peter Dean - Time Travellers Invitation | 2014 | Limited edition Letterpress Print
Printed at New North Press | Edition of 100 | Signed in pencil by the artist

Following on from last year's painstaking recreation of the poster behind the John Lennon-penned Beatles song, 'Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite!', Peter Dean has created a new letterpress print, titled 'Time Travellers Invitation.' His latest work also takes inspiration from a British icon at the forefront of our collective popular consciousness, this time from the world of science, not music - Professor Stephen Hawking.

This stunning Victoriana letterpress poster is part of a real time-travel experiment devised by the world-renowned physicist. In an ingeniously simple experiment, designed to prove whether time travel to the past is possible, Professor Hawking held a 'Reception for Time Travellers.' The party was advertised solely after the event had taken place, meaning only those able to travel back in time could attend.

The success of this experiment depends entirely on the invitation poster
being seen by time travellers. Therefore, in purchasing this print, you
could help to prove that time travel to the past is possible.