"Los Angeles is fucked. Everything is fucked, everything, and really, we all know this... The apocalypse is already here, and the saddest thing is that we’re trying to fool ourselves that it isn’t happening."
Last month, Stanley Donwood was the subject of a solo show at Subliminal Projects in LA. 'Lost Angeles' depicts the host city crumbling under fire, flood and meteor strikes. It builds on a theme he first addressed in 2006 with 'London Views,' which depicted England's capital in a similar state of apocalyptic disarray.
The works themselves are powerfully composed in sombre shades of black and grey, drawn in a "quasi-Mediaeval" style that fits the apocalyptic message. 'Hollywood Limousine' is printed onto a background of silver foil; a technique that dramatically animates the composition as it catches the light.
They're available to view at our gallery, and they'll be on display at the TAG
Fine Arts stand at the Bloomsbury Art Fair in July. View them online here.