Susan Stockwell’s The World Bank, which was recently completed as a special commission, is a stunning world map meticulously hand-crafted by the artist using hundreds of individual bank notes. The work exemplifies Susan’s practice of transforming everyday materials into aesthetically beautiful artworks, that also comment on issues of ecology, geo-politics and global commerce.

Among Susan’s next projects is an exciting new residency at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon. She will be developing new work for exhibition at the RSC in April 2015, responding to their Spring 2015 season, which is to include Othello, The Merchant of Venice, and Death of a Salesman. As well as looking at what is taking place on stage, her work will also consider the range of carefully choreographed hidden activity, from costume making to rigging, that exists behind the scenes.

Susan Stockwell | The World Bank, 2014 | Bank notes, paper and glue on back board | 140 x 294 cm