Susan Stockwell was commissioned by the London Transport Museum to create a new work for their group exhibition 'Mind the Map' (18 May - 28 October 2012) using old train and tube tickets. Hundreds of the tickets were donated by the Friends of the Museum and the general public for the project, which she fashioned into a world map. The map harnesses the surprisingly rich and varied colours of the tickets to suggest changing climates and topography, from scorching sands around the equator to forest greens and deep cool blues at the poles. Each ticket is a reminder of one of the countless personal journeys that are made across the globe; they are records of particular trips, saved as keepsakes and tucked away in scrapbooks for years and sometimes decades. It's a thoughtful memento to the paper ticket, which is fast becoming a thing of the past, replaced by swipe cards and electronic systems.

Susan Stockwell | Memento | 2012 | Paper, glue and board | 100 x 230 x 5 cm | Commissioned for the London Transport Museum 'Mind the Map' exhibition, May - October 2012