Ewan David Eason exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022


The 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition is back and as brilliant as ever! We were so proud to see that SIX TAG Fine Arts artists were selected to exhibit their work in this joyful celebration of contemporary art. A huge congratulations to Tobias Till, Loraine Rutt, Yanko Tihov, Ewan David Eason, Adam Dant and Lawrie Hutcheon. You can view more artworks by these artists and many more here.

This year's theme is Climate, devised by Alison Wilding OBE, RA with two rooms of prints selected by Grayson Perry RA and the ‘cloud of clouds’ Lecture Room curated by Conrad Shawcross.

The 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition features over 1400 artworks in the Main Galleries at The Royal Academy, Piccadilly, W1J 0BD | Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm - 21 June 2022 - 21 August 2022. You can register for tickets here. Friends and Members of the RA go for FREE but booking is essential.



Tobias Till's Attention All Shipping (2022) was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and has gone down an absolute storm, with the entire edition of 50 linocuts selling out within the first week of opening! For those who didn't manage to secure this special piece, Tobias has just finished Attention All Shipping, Night Version using the same imagery but in a vivid blue palette. 


Tobias Till exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022     Attention All Shipping, Night Version by Tobias Till - Available Exclusively at TAG Fine Arts

Tobias Till Attention All ShippingNight Version | 106 x 75 cm unframed | £750 unframed | Linocut print on 410 gsm Somerset paper | Edition of 50 


As a student, Tobias Till focused primarily on painting and drawing. It was not until a few years later that he made his first lino prints, which allowed him to explore his joint enthusiasms for composition and colour. London is his enduring inspiration. Tobias' works combine various viewpoints – from expansive aerial views to ground-level images – conveying how the urban landscape changes as we walk through it. He wants to show off both the overall sense of place and the personal details that lie behind it.



Adam Dant exhibited Argonautica Londinensi, depicting the epic journey of Jason and the Argonauts to the streets of London, from Iolcus at Cecil Court via the clashing rocks ( Aldwych ) to Colchis home of the legendary Golden Fleece ( eponymous pub by the Bank) escaping via Holborn and Oxford St, blown off course through Mayfair and home after a stint carrying the Argo through the deserts of South London.


Adam Dant exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022     The Paradise of Sleaze by Adam Dant - Available at TAG Fine Arts

Adam Dant | Paradise of Sleaze | £600 | 55.8 x 76.2 cm unframed | Hand-tinted lithograph on Somerset Satin 300gsm 100% cotton rag  | Edition of 10


Adam Dant’s artworks chronicle London life in their densely wrought depictions of public spaces, where historical motifs mingle with present-day observations to create wryly humorous views of contemporary culture. His combination of master draftsmanship and a wonderfully imaginative vision has led to him being hailed as a ‘modern-day Hogarth’ and in 2015 he was appointed as the House of Common's Official Artist of the General Election.



Ewan David Eason approached the theme of Climate by creating the thought-provoking Londonberg, which featured a melting iceberg in his signature, highly detailed style. 


Ewan David Eason exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022     London Fields by Ewan David Eason - Available at TAG Fine Arts

Ewan David Eason | London Fields | £2,500 | 100 x 100 cm unframed|Pigment print on 400gsm Archival Fine Art paper | Edition of 40


Since 2010 London-based artist Ewan David Eason has created abstract images from reality, drawing particular inspiration from organic and man-made patterns created in cartography. By gilding with precious metals or using complementary colours, he aims to focus the viewer on the sacredness and diversity of our living landscapes. High levels of accuracy and dedication are used in the construction of the artworks, emphasising their status as a method of art-as-documentation. 



It came as no surprise to us that the wonderful Loraine Rutt was selected to exhibit her large-scale topographically correct ceramic sculpture Fragmented Globe in 24 Pieces at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Loraine also creates smaller works such as her Pocket Globe series which are available to purchase HERE.


Loraine Rutt exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022     TAG Fine Arts, Loraine Rutt featured in the FT How to Spend It

Loraine Rutt | Land & Sea (Round, Blackened, English Oak Plinth) | £295 | 7.5 cm diameter | A polychrome globe depicting shaded topography, based on a 1950’s geography textbook


Loraine Rutt has been making maps from clay for over 25 years. Travel and maps have remained her primary influence. The focus of her one-off pieces has varied in scale from large architectural ceramics like Bellenden Map Terrace to encapsulating in porcelain the minute remote sensing data in the Mapping Space series. Rutt has returned to making globes time and again, and The Little Globe Co has grown from an idea to recreate the Pocket Globes of the 18th and 19th centuries for modern collectors. 



Yanko Tihov's fascinating lenticular, Europe Contemporary - Cold War was selected for the exhibition and there are a small number of editions left available to purchase HERE


Yanko Tihov exhibits at the 254th Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition with TAG Fine Arts, 2022     Europe Contemporary Cold War by Yanko Tihov, available at TAG Fine Arts

Yanko Tihov | Europe Contemporary, Cold War |  £900 | 24.5 x 34.6 cm unframed | Lenticular | Edition of 50


The design of Yanko Tihov's Passport Series is determined by the colours and motifs of each country’s passport, which the artist carefully matches and re-creates within the correct national borders. Tihov has hand-painted the texts, seals and coats of arms which adorn the covers with real 24-carat gold, successfully capturing their individual details.