Gallery 46, 46 Ashfield Street, Whitechapel, London E1 2AJ


Group Exhibition Opens June 15th

We are delighted to announce our summer group exhibition, Wish You Were Here…?, a multi-disciplinary show celebrating contemporary cartography and the paraphernalia of travel, exploring the way we travel now and how we discovered the world in the past.

Paying homage to the long-running ITV travel show, Wish you Were Herethe exhibition takes takes a playful look at holidaying and travel escapism, as we seek to re-engage with the wonders of the post-pandemic world.

Just as the ITV show invited audiences to be virtually transported to exotic locations from the comfort of their living room, ‘Wish You Were Here…?’ encourages visitors to indulge their sense of adventure and imagination. Through the eyes of 27 curatorially-selected artists, viewers can contemplate our innate human desire to travel and explore.

But as the way we travel changes, with environmental concerns redefining how, when and where we take our holidays, 'Wish You Were Here…?’ is, in many ways, an exploration of holidaying itself - touching on themes such as memory and nostalgia,  both irrefutably interwoven with how artists approach this complex subject today. Our summer show opens on 15th June at Gallery 46, Whitechapel.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS Claire Brewster, Adam Bridgland, James Burke, Rebecca Coles, Francesca Colussi Cramer, Adam Dant, Ewan David Eason, Ella Freire, Guy Gee, Richard Heeps, Emma Johnson, Dede Johnston, Emily V. Jones, Frank Kiely, Lucinda Metcalfe, Perish The Thought, Loraine Rutt, Lucy Smallbone, Justine Smith, Benjamin Thomas Taylor, Yanko Tihov, Tobias Till, Stephen Walter, David Wightman, Brigitte Williams, Kristjana S. Williams, Cai Yuan.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor, Wish You Were Here (Large Metallic), 100 x 80 cm, Giclée print hand finished with Hahnemuhle photo rag metallic paper, Edition of 25


Gallery 46, 46 Ashfield Street, Whitechapel
London E1 2AJ

Artist Talks Series:
Saturday, June 24, 12:00 - 3:00 pm 

Exhibition Dates:
Thursday, June 15 - Saturday, July 1


Tuesday - Friday, 11:00 - 6:00 pm,
Saturday 11:00 - 3:00 pm
Closed Sunday, Monday


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