Alicia Dubnyckyj

Alicia Dubnyckyj employs a jigsaw-like technique to create flattened forms in rich gloss paint. Her works suggest a modern global aesthetic, with complex detailing of the semiotics of the city with its iconic buildings and city structure. She develops a new formal language of expression that represents her personal relationship towards the metropolis.

Alicia reveals the true essence of a place and demonstrates that the facade of glossy high rise living cannot eliminate the unique quality that each city holds. Alicia aims to transfer her appreciation of architecture into a composition that can also evoke an emotive state, linking to the city in question. Her process derives from a notion of personal space within any major city (in that one tends to feel cramped), hence producing her technique of using digital technology to produce an image which is seen as small abstracted shapes close up, with the full image only really viewed once the viewer stands back.


Alicia is available to work to commission. For enquiries, please contact us.

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