Adam Dant | The Secret History of Somerset House | Hand-tinted line print on 300gsm Saunders Waterford HP paper | 2024 | 76 x 112cm | Signed and editioned by the artist | Edition of 50 | £700 (unframed)

This year's London Original Print Fair 2024, will see the reveal of brand new print 'The Secret History of Somerset House' from TAG Fine Arts artist Adam Dant. Merging historical motifs with present-day observations, Adam Dant's artworks chronicle contemporary London life through elaborate and witty visual narratives. Having recently presented his Bart's Heritage Commission '900 Years in 900 Stories' in 2023, Dant will be now unveiling his piece 'The Secret History of Somerset House', inspired by the iconic Somerset House itself, at our Stand W6 this March.

Adam Dant | Preliminary sketch for 'The Secret History of Somerset House

With an incredibly rich history dating back to 1547, Somerset House is today a neoclassical hub of art, technology, business and social enterprise in the heart of metropolitan London. 

'Entering the courtyard of Somerset House is an exercise in time travel. Apart from the TV arial and stray paper coffee cup, the modern world melts away in the confines of this former Royal Palace, Naval Office and inland revenue HQ. This new limited edition print is titled 'The Secret History of Somerset House', and provides a novel vision of one of Londoners' favourite 'contemplative spaces', weaving together images of architectural splendour with glimpses of arcane history and contemporary quotidian public life, exposition and endeavour.' 

Utilising a palette of sepia, soft tones, Dant creates in this piece a densely packed, visual archive of Somerset House. Blurring its histories, fictions, and present day significance, this piece celebrates Somerset House's interconnectedness with wider London life throughout the ages; tourist boats cruise down the Thames alongside British clipper ships and Viking Longships, and within the building's walls, a panoramic medley of historical stories takes shape.



We are delighted to be presenting 'The Secret History of Somerset House' at our Stand W6 in the West Wing of the LOPF 2024, where Adam will also be hosting an artist talk all about this new work; Thursday March 21st, 12PM

London Original Print Fair 2024

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Wednesday, March 20 | 6 - 9 pm

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