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Ewan David Eason, Seasons Change: Sweet Gum Tree Series, Winter to Blossom, Blossom to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, 2023, 58 x 64 cm, Lenticular print framed in white or black box frame, Edition of 50

Ewan David Eason has taken his art to new heights with his lenticular seasons change prints. Following his success at the AAF earlier this year, where his moving artwork made everyone do a double take. Eason returns with four more pieces to create a stunning series.

Eason's lenticular works use an innovative print-making method to create images that shift and evolve as you view them from different angles. Each print reminds us of the ever-transforming world we live in. Eason drew inspiration for this series from watching a Sweet Gum Tree outside his window and witnessing the changing of the seasons and observing how it reflected shifts and changes in our every day lives. We also find a beautiful reminder that art, like the seasons, is a constantly evolving force that continues to enchant us all. His work will be on display at AAF Battersea and The Woolwich Contemporary Print fair this October.



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