Christopher Henry Gallery | 127 Elizabeth St. | New York | NY 10013


Heidi Whitman's stunningly intricate imagined maps can currently be explored at the artist's solo show, Heaven, Hell and Here at the Christopher Henry Gallery, New York City.

The exhibition consists of three site specific artworks - Heaven, HellĀ  and Here - which have been created by the artist through the deconstuction and rearrangement of hundreds of sheets of paper.

Heaven resembles a delicately woven series of blue celestial islands that rise gracefully from the floor to ceiling of the gallery. Hell, which is partly inspired by the horrors of Dante's Inferno, is a compendium of reds and blacks that evoke an apocalyptic landscape and the fires of the underworld. Finally, Here brings the viewer back to the 'real' world with the charting of an individual's journey through the urban landscape, which is here visualised in a network of interconnected paper, string and wires.

Overall the unique vision put forward in Heaven, Hell and Here brings together the imagined and the real to create a wonderfully complex and ethereal paper universe.