Chris Mitton, 59FIFTY NYY Baseball Cap, 15.7  cm height x 23 cm width x 33 cm length, 13kg, carved by hand in Carrara marble, Signed by the artist, Original 

Chris Mitton's artwork featuring the 59FIFTY NY Yankees cap goes beyond being a simple tribute to the major league baseball team. It is an expression of the iconic Yankees logo.
The community passionately debates whether caps' brims should be flat or curved with YouTube tutorials on steam bending the brim add to the fascination. Having thoroughly explored this cultural phenomenon, Mitton decided to create a slight curved cap that would be carved into a marble slab, accurately reflecting the true shape of the iconic 59Fifty New Era caps, which have become a staple in American sports. "I gave this one a subtle curve, which appears the most popular choice for fit, and in the case of this one adds to the aesthetic by raising it from the base of the original block of marble."

Chris Mitton is renowned for his innovative approach, combining classical marble carving with contemporary urban subjects. In this particular artwork, he skilfully captures the essence of the Yankees' legacy using Carrara marble. The juxtaposition of the soft cap with the hard marble medium adds to the artwork's depth and symbolism. Mitton usually polishes his marble sculptures, he deliberately kept this one unpolished to preserve the intricate details of the eyelets and embroidery. This choice lends the sculpture a slight natural sparkle and creates a lifelike replica of the original cap that served as his reference.

The essence of  Mitton's work lies in a significant shift from the traditional sculpting of philosophers and similar subjects. Instead, he chooses to sculpt objects, a reflection of our modern society's inclination towards material possessions and the value placed on ownership. "If I was going to add a baseball cap to my series of artworks referencing contemporary iconic objects - previous works include a Coke bottle (bought by Coca Cola), soda can, coffee cup, t-shirt, fast food bag, X-box original - carved in the classic sculptural medium of Carrara marble, it had to be the 59FIFTY."

Chris Mitton, 59FIFTY NYY Baseball Cap, comparison between real life cap and hand carved sculpture.

The excitement is mounting as we approach the unveiling of this remarkable artwork by Chris Mitton. It will be showcased at AAF NYC, a fantastic opportunity for art enthusiasts to witness and appreciate this masterpiece.

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