Final image for post hove plinth ©Tony Mould, My Brighton and Hove


We are excited to announce that the Hove Plinth, a new cultural attraction on the Hove Seafront, is exhibiting 'Constellation' by Jonathan Wright! The Plinth is showcasing what modern day sculpture has to offer, combining local features and ideas from Hove residents, along with the expertise of the artist. As stated by Jonathan - 'The work is conceived by the public and engineered by the artist'.




'Constellation' is the first of many sculptures to be placed upon the Hove Plinth, with a changing programme every 18 months. The piece resembles a model of a planetary system, celebrating features that are unique to Hove, including a seagull, cricketer and windmill. The theme of a constellation is ideal for the sculpture, as explained by the artist 'The objects become magical, infused with meaning; a local constellation'.




Jonathan has produced a limited edition cast Carrara marble and stainless steel maquette which TAG Fine Arts are delighted to publish and is now available for purchase. Please order online here.