Tobias Till | Oranges & Lemons 2024 | 2024 | Lino and polymer relief print on radiant white Somerset Satin 410 gsm | Edition of 50 | Signed and editioned by the artist | 82 x 170 cm

The 'Oranges and Lemons 2024' print delves into London's rich history, capturing crucial events, significant figures, and iconic structures. Drawing inspiration from the well-known nursery rhyme, it symbolically represents not only the key churches in London but also serves as a metaphor for the city's contrasting aspects, embodying both sweetness and bitterness. To encapsulate the vibrant history of London in a visual map, an adapted version inspired by Harry Beck’s simplified London Underground map was created, aiming to maintain the city's recognisable layout.

Within the artwork, numerous vanished buildings take center stage. Notably, it features the once-existing St Paul's Cathedral, struck by lightning in 1561, and the former Millbank prison, which gave way to Tate Britain. Tobias employed a mix of explicit references and cryptic hints, manipulating scale, text, and anachronisms to craft a complex yet engaging composition that ignites enduring curiosity.

Oranges and Lemon 2013 | Tobias Till

Tobias Till's latest work is an incredibly detailed view of London which condenses an abundance of fascinating imagery and history about the city into an image based around the classic nursery rhyme.

This project has taken 18 months to realise. In this time the artist has undertaken a vast amount of research and preparatory drawings, finally hand printing the image in 7 colours, using 5 separate colour blocks.

Tobias Till | Oranges & Lemons | 2013 | Limited edition lino-cut print | Edition of 50 | Signed and editioned by the artist | 112 x 229 cm