Ashleigh Sumner

Much of Sumner’s work is heavily inspired by industrial areas, inner city communities and the modern day urban street art movement/ Sumner’s mixed media process often involves iconic images along with photographs captured on her cell phone. These photos are printed and applied repeatedly to wooden surfaces creating multiple stacked and torn layers of distress paper imagery. Sumner’s natural love of text is often implemented throughout the work by incorporating pages from books of poetry, verse, lyrics and theatrical plays in a way that often makes a political or social statement involving class, gender, poverty and equality. The heavy use of spray paint or “graffiti ramblings” is repeated over and over again, illegibly, often as a single song lyric, poem or historic quote. House paint is applied, scrapped and splattered throughout the work then partially sanded away with an industrial hand sander. Lastly, several heavy layers of resin are added to each layer to create a smooth, clean modern finish to the distressed, gritty artwork underneath.

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